Lupine Systems Presents...a Special 6-Part Series
Build Your Own Guitar Special Effects
by Spike Tsasmali, Lupine Systems


Rock N' Roll is BACK! With the introduction of bands like Wolfmother, the sound of screaming guitars, thumping bass and intense crowds are on the comeback! And so is the SOUND! A sound that could only have been produced using equipment of the original Rock N' Roll era -- the late 1960's and 1970's.

In this series of articles, I will explore many of the special effects pedals used in the early days of screaming rock -- what they do, how they work and how to build your own using as much modern electronics as possible without cutting into the sound the original designs offered.

One of the challenges faced by modern-day engineers is the obtaining of obsolete chips, or better said, designing new electronics to do the same task as some of the old analog chips did. In this age of changing over to being totally digital it can be very difficult to find some of the components used to make the pedals of the old age. Sometimes there is no substitute. If this becomes the case, I will offer sources for these obsolete parts. I recommend that if you decide to build one or more of these projects you purchase multiples of these parts because, well, they are hard to find now. Some day, they won't be able to be found at all.

Article Archive

April 2006Build an Analog Delay
May 2006Build a Digital Delay

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