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Lupine Systems -- It's a WOLF Thing!

WOOF! Says the Blue Woof! You've found Lupine Systems! Dedicated to the design of amusing products for the coin-op, park and home amusement industry.

Blue Woof, the parent organization of Lupine Systems was founded by Spike Tsasmali in the Spring of 1999. Lupine Systems is a part of the Blue Woof Group which is an organization of Pagan Warriors with Wolf totems. Spike, best known for his engineering work with crane games and his 4 year stay at Two-Bit Score, Inc. founded Lupine Systems to provide continuing service to anyone who has any PC board he has designed for anyone, and to help students, experimenters and just plain regular folks understand the complex world of electronics engineering at no cost.

In mid 2000 Spike suffered a heart attack and has since been disabled. Doing OK, he has made the decision to provide services FREE OF CHARGE to most folks. His mission -- to educate folks on how things work. So most of the services offered come FREE with only you paying for parts and materials.

Lupine Systems offers a wide variety of engineering services ranging from simple concept interpretation to final "in box" product. Lupine Systems specializes in the use of the Microchip Technology PICmicro(TM) series of microcontrollers and can offer many single chip solutions to many designs.

With over 40 years experience in the arcade/coin-op industry, Lupine Systems can offer many design options to solve your arcade and game design needs.

Lupine Systems specialties include Crane games, pinball, baseball, "Skee" type games, arcade interactive games and video games. From claws to shooting galleries, Lupine Systems has or can build boards to control most any arcade game.

Now the snarling part....

Lupine Systems, Blue Woof, the howling Blue Woof logo and this website in its entirety are COPYRIGHTED and belong to The Blue Woof Group. "Blue Woof" and "It's a WOLF Thing" are SERVICE MARKS and are COPYRIGHTED. Use of proprietary images, tradenames and logos by permission from their respected owners.

Any software provided for projects on the Lupine Systems website is provided without warranty or any other form of guarantee that it is free from defects, bugs, errors or that it will suit the needs for every user. All software is provided as an educational material and is to be treated as such. Lupine Systems reserves rights to intellectual property at all times for any software provided for any project or any custom software written specifically for any particular modification to any project. This policy also applies to printed circuit layouts, CAD drafts, drawings, prototypes samples, experimental models, SPICE simulations and HTML articles including webpages, charts, tables or other information provided in HTML format.

Any part of this website may be used with permission for educational purposes and may be reproduced only for such purposes and with permission. Any other use is reserved by Lupine Systems.


The term "We", "Our" and the name "Spike" both refer to the web entity, "Lupine Systems" and may be used interchangeably throughout this document. The term "You", "Yours" or "Originator" refers to YOU, the reader of this document, or the user of this site and may be used interchangeably throughout this document.

Lupine Systems does not engage in any practice of installing cookies or other tracking software on your computer nor do we collect any information about any user at any time.

Lupine Systems does not advertise on any of its websites nor do we profit from the sale of any item on our site or off-site.

However, any information openly and voluntarily conveyed to Spike Tsasmali or Lupine Systems via E-mail, telephone, fax or other form of communication must be considered to be in the public domain and may be used by Lupine Systems in any way that enhances this site. We will never disclose personal information, including but not limited to E-mail address, telephone number, physical address or payment account information to anyone for any reason without permission. Lupine Systems reserves the right to use any ideas, concepts, suggestions, designs, technical information or other information related to the coin-operated amusement industry, the sound reinforcement industry or related to any article published by Lupine Systems, or any information which may be deemed useful for future articles or projects which is conveyed to us by E-mail, phone, fax or other communication in any way suitable to our needs. Lupine Systems reserves the right to publish articles based on any ideas, concepts, drawings or other information submitted to us and/or publish our own version of any design submitted to us. In other words, if you tell us about it openly and with free will then Lupine Systems will consider that you have volunteered the information at free will and Lupine Systems reserve the right to use said information to enhance this website without the need to ask you or anyone else for any permission(s) to use the said information prior to its use. If you feel your idea, concept, design or drafts are worthy of protection but you are compelled to send them to us for analysis then you need to engage in a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to sending your documents. Lupine Systems will honor all agreements in the retaining documents once they have been agreed upon and signed and both parties have valid copies. Otherwise please don't come back claiming Spike or Lupine Systems "stole" your idea after you have told us details about some idea you have, especially after being inspired by reading one of our articles. This is not right and Lupine Systems will defend itself in the event it comes to those terms.

Lupine Systems is not in business of any kind and is not interested in accumulating a database of project ideas, nor do we sell ideas, collect them from users and redistribute them to others, or profit from contributions to this site from outside users in any way.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use or wish to make inquiries about intellectual property please contact for more information.

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