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"Welcome to Lupine Systems"

Lupine Systems is not a business. Lupine Systems is the name used by Spike Tsasmali to name the designs he is responsible for. Since his demise in the late 1990's he has maintained this website to promote service for the many designs he has done for many different people, companies and organizations. This site also serves as a personal site for Spike to showcase his work.

Spike was diagnosed with terminal heart disease in 2001 and had 6-way bypass surgery early that year. Since then his mission has been to help as many people as he can, spreading as much of his lifetime of knowledge to as many as possible. All work done by Spike carries no fees or charges. He is not interested in profit of any kind. It is too late in life for that now. His only concern is that he will die and take with him a lot of knowledge that could have been used by many to enhance the life of many and create the world of the future he envisions it should be.

So enjoy Lupine Systems. If you are here looking for service for any of the PC boards which say, "It's a WOLF Thing!" on the bottom, then browse on! You may also find some of Spike's projects interesting.


Calculator Projects

Build an 8-Digit Fixed-Point LED Calculator
Build an 8-Digit Floating-Point LCD Handheld Calculator
Build an 8-Digit Advanced Floating-Point Nixie Tube Desk Calculator

Audio Delay Projects

Build a Bucket-Brigade Reverb / Analog Delay
Build an 8-Bit 32KHz Digital Reverb / Delay

Other Articles and Links

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Nixie Tube Clock Project -- Build A Cool Nixie Tube Clock from the 1960's!

PONG on JAMMA Project -- Play this All-Time Classic in COLOR and on your JAMMA Cabinet!

LS-10B Tube Stereo Amplifier -- COMING SOON! Build This Classic 100W Art Deco Tube Stereo Amplifier

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